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So, Should you turn your idea into a business?

By Fatima Calderon So you have a great idea, a great passion, a great hobby, great skills. You want to take that idea and turn it into your own business, be your own boss, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to take that big leap of faith. What’s holding you back? Mostly is fear to fail. But, what do you consider failing? You have to first define failure in your own terms to see if you’d be willing to risk it. Is failure not making as much money as you make now? Well,

From the Web: How to convince possible investors to fund your business or startup

You have this great idea, but you lack the funds. You have applied for grants, have asked friends and family and are still running short. Or, you need to expand or save your business. How do you convince total strangers to give you money or to even loan you money? Willing as they may to give money away, they still want to feel like it's a good idea with great potential. Your job is to convince them.

ONE single thing that small business owners can do to be successful

By Fatima Calderon Delegate.  That's the one word. But, of course, I have to elaborate, but I won’t make it too long. In Spanish we say, "el que mucho abarca poco aprieta". In English, don't try to be a Jack of all trades because you’ll be a master of none. Don't ever think that to have a job well done you have to do it yourself.  You hired staff, so use them . They must have certain useful skills, right? If they don't, then either train them (the right way) our fire them and hire competent people.

From the Web: Being rejected by a candidate

Between recruiter and job seeker, it is usually the recruiter who has the upper hand . They're the ones who have dozens -hundreds- of candidates to choose from. I'd argue that in this economy they can be as picky as they want. I have been there, on both sides. I've been a key player in the recruitment process, but have had to abide by what my superiors ultimate wanted, which in some cases was someone to exploit, to put it frankly. I have also interviewed for jobs of course. The last time was in 2007 after I had my first

Marketing Bundle Giveaway

KICK START YOUR MARKETING! Small Business owners and start ups often have to do their own marketing. These three books are very highly rated and certainly full of actionable tips, resources, and templates you can actually apply to your business.

From the Web: The power of written communication skills

My mom was a high school Language Arts and Literature teacher. You can imagine that she stressed punctuation, spelling, and grammar on a daily basis to my siblings and me. Despite the pressure (or because of it? Some say, I shine the most under pressure...), I grew up with a real passion for writing, and writing correctly. You may call me the Grammar Police and I don't feel bad about it. So, when I came across this article, " The Dullest, Most Vital Skill You Need to Become a Successful Manager ", I felt so validated and I understood the author's perspective perfectly.

So I'm a business consultant

By Fatima Calderon      -   Am I qualified? I like to think so. I do have a Bachelors degree in International Business, with a focus on management and logistics. But, foremost, I have 13 years working with international firms, bringing real results in such areas as business development , operational procedures , human resources , and marketing .      - Why become independent now?

Five Reasons to Hire a Business Consultant

Five Reasons to Hire a Business Consultant by Fatima Calderon 1.  Experience. Yes, you have experience with your product or service and intimate knowledge of your own business. But, the consultant will bring their own mix of experience in the industry and specific functions. A consultant has the vantage point of dealing on a regular basis with different clients facing the same challenges as you. This is a privilege and advantage worth the money you pay because the consultant will bring with him the best practices that have already worked for similar clients / similar industry.