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From the Web: Being rejected by a candidate

Between recruiter and job seeker, it is usually the recruiter who has the upper hand. They're the ones who have dozens -hundreds- of candidates to choose from. I'd argue that in this economy they can be as picky as they want.

I have been there, on both sides. I've been a key player in the recruitment process, but have had to abide by what my superiors ultimate wanted, which in some cases was someone to exploit, to put it frankly. I have also interviewed for jobs of course. The last time was in 2007 after I had my first
child and had taken seven months off from work, only to apply to dozens of positions without getting the job.

But, it does happen on occasion that a recruiter makes an offer and it is the candidate that says no. Business writer Brian Adkins discusses some of the various and common reasons why candidates reject job offers.

Below is the link to read his full post. He learned of these rejection reasons through his own experiences as a recruiter. Take away from his article not only the insight into why you may have been rejected by a candidate, but how to get that insight: he called and personally contacted each candidate that had rejected.

So, if you don't understand why someone dared to decline on a job offer, make the effort to personally find out. What you learn can help you and your business grow.

Read Brian's full article here.