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From the Web: How to convince possible investors to fund your business or startup

You have this great idea, but you lack the funds. You have applied for grants, have asked friends and family and are still running short. Or, you need to expand or save your business.

How do you convince total strangers to give you money or to even loan you money? Willing as they may to give money away, they still want to feel like it's a good idea with great potential. Your job is to convince them.

Success Magazine has an article on 6 strategies to overcome the obstacles of requests, or in other words, how to ask and get you want. In summary, you need the right attitude (which is easier said than done), be organized (about what you're selling and how you're going to pitch it), and be prepared as much as possible, not only for the questions they are going to ask you about your business/idea, but also be prepared to "deal with resistance".

I found this article very informative. Click on the link below to read all 6 strategies in depth.

Read the full advice on Success magazine here.