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From the Web: The power of written communication skills

My mom was a high school Language Arts and Literature teacher. You can imagine that she stressed punctuation, spelling, and grammar on a daily basis to my siblings and me. Despite the pressure (or because of it? Some say, I shine the most under pressure...), I grew up with a real passion for writing, and writing correctly. You may call me the Grammar Police and I don't feel bad about it.

So, when I came across this article, "The Dullest, Most Vital Skill You Need to Become a Successful Manager", I felt so validated and I understood the author's perspective perfectly.

The skill is written communication and the article discusses how important this is to convey a clear and unambiguous vision. I personally follow up all phone and in-person meetings with a written summary and written proposals. Even if your job or function doesn't depend directly on writing, well constructed written memos and notes can save you headache and trouble, becoming a "safety net" as the article points out, "to catch anything you may have missed".

It's time to commit to mastering the skill of writing.

Read the full article at iDone This.