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ONE single thing that small business owners can do to be successful

By Fatima Calderon


That's the one word. But, of course, I have to elaborate, but I won’t make it too long.

In Spanish we say, "el que mucho abarca poco aprieta". In English, don't try to be a Jack of all trades because you’ll be a master of none. Don't ever think that to have a job well done you have to do it yourself. You hired staff, so use them. They must have certain useful skills, right? If they don't, then either train them (the right way) our fire them and hire competent people.

It is true that as a small business owner you have to do a lot of tasks yourself, but that’s where recruiting comes in. Hire key people with a variety of skills that can support you across different functions, but also someone who can focus on a specialty (managing, operations, research, sales, marketing), something that will complement your expertise.

Don't think that if you're not supervising something personally then you'll be out of the loop or things will fall through the cracks.

Have weekly meetings so your employees can keep you updated on their progress and setbacks. You can give them feedback, but don't take over the project.

By delegating you'll be able to concentrate in what brings you money, either coming up with new ideas, selling –whatever it is that made you start this business. Your family and friends will also thank you because you’ll have more quality time to spend with them.

It will probably be hard at first, but the rewards, including being less stressed, will convince you eventually that it’s worth it and it pays to delegate.