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Should we expect support from female bosses?

By Fatima Calderon I mean this post as an actual question to (any) readers. In a former job I asked my female boss to let me work more from home. She gave me a resounding no . This is a job where I had been consistently improving sales performance for the whole company during the previous five years. My bosses had frequently praised me for my work and productivity. And this was a boss who herself had taken A LOT of time off and had worked from home too

From the Web: If you're sick today, blame it on last night

Some of us are workaholics; it's a simple truth. It seems like many of us are , in fact. There are many reasons why we may feel tied to our desk -despite the steadily improving economic conditions, we still feel that employment is a fragile thing nowadays. The game changed completely after 2008: companies seem to want three employees for the price of one and we feel the pressure and the fear to lose our jobs at any time.

From the Web: You NEED to delegate

I recently wrote about the one single thing small business owners can do to be successful: delegate. Browsing through posts and articles on business management I came across this article on LinkedIn by Steve Baker. In summary, as Steve says, "you can't do everything or do everything well". Concentrate on your

Your startup business model is wrong

By Fatima Calderon Your startup business model is wrong –and that’s perfectly fine. In fact, it should be wrong, initially. Even famous and powerful businesses had to change course before they could reach the success they enjoy today. Twitter started as Odeo , a podcast subscription network. They changed along with their name to

From the Web: Spring cleaning in the fall

At home, we are recommended to do a thorough cleaning of our house during the springtime. It not only makes sense weather-wise, but having a set timeline for deep and needed chores is a good way to not forget to it. For businesses, the change of seasons into fall provides a good opportunity too to get affairs in order, everything from organizing and taking an evaluating look at one's ongoing business plan.

Leading at work like you do at home

by Fatima Calderon Often, skills are transferable in life. How we lead at home can be applied to successful leadership at work. First of all, we ARE leaders at home . We not only manage our kids' activities (let's get real, sometimes we run or husband's too), we inspire them, we teach them lessons on a daily basis, through our words and actions, we are their role models, and we influence their actions -all qualities of a great leader. Can we apply some of the skills we use with or kids to our work, with our employees? I don't mean we should treat our employees like