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From the Web: If you're sick today, blame it on last night

Some of us are workaholics; it's a simple truth. It seems like many of us are, in fact. There are many reasons why we may feel tied to our desk -despite the steadily improving economic conditions, we still feel that employment is a fragile thing nowadays.

The game changed completely after 2008: companies seem to want three employees for the price of one and we feel the pressure and the fear to lose our jobs at any time.

Or, we think that to show our dedication -and get to that position, that promotion- we have to skip on rightful personal time (paid vacation, paid sick days -those are legally mandated).

But, more and more studies show the harmful effects of not resting well or enough. The latest, from Finland, shows a link between getting enough sleep and missing fewer days at work because of illness. "Optimal sleep duration should be promoted, as very long or very short sleep indicate health problems and subsequent sickness absence," the study states. That optimal duration? Eight is still the magic number (well, more like seven hours 38 minutes for women and seven hours 46 minutes for men, according to the research).

So if you are dedicated to your work, be dedicated to yourself also. If you want to show your commitment, don't neglect yourself. It will benefit your job ultimately.

Read about the study and its full implications HERE.