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Should you be a Jill of All Trades

Should you be a Jill of all Trades
By Fatima Calderon

I do a little bit of (almost) everything myself: business development,  sales,  marketing,  content writing (such as this one), customer service,  accounting,  and even a bit of graphic design.                     
The truth is that in today's world it is wise and it pays to know more than one skill or to be knowledgeable in more than one area.
The trouble lies in thinking that you can/should be doing or trying to do everything really well.  Concentrate on your core areas and hire people to manage other aspects of your business. Even if you still want to be involved in those areas, don't take over the project,  just constructively contribute.
DELEGATING will let you excel in what you're good at. It will save from headaches and a heart attack (sometimes literally: stress kills).