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What hobbies/activities make you a better move manager/coordinator?

You may have a degree in Business, Logistics, or Supply Chain, but everyone working in the moving industry knows that to deal with customers, to manage and coordinate their moves door to door, takes more than some college courses.

Working on this industry requires some fine tuning of special skills that may not have been learned at a formal setting (university), but that our own lives may have provided to us.

I have a natural talent for organization and that has helped me a lot in throughout my career in move management. You should see my

files, my Outlook full of folders, sub-folders, dated tasks and reminders.

You should see how I manage my household and the kids with their different activities. I have folders, calendars, and reminders for them too! Running a household teaches you how to juggle tasks, and hot to get organized (unless you want to go mad). You learn what to prioritize at a certain time, and how to delegate.

Can we take some of the skills we use in our hobbies or side activities (playing golf, cooking, running, etc. etc. etc.), and apply them in our jobs, with our customers?

The idea is to think about how we're successful at those hobbies and side activities and take those skills and strategies to our work.

What about you? Do you think that any of your "hobby skills" can apply to a business setting? Can they help you succeed at your job?