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How Mentoring Can Help You / How Mentoring Works

You landed your dream job, now what?
You want to climb the career ladder at work.
You feel stuck, almost burned out, in a rut at work.
You have specific goals, but are not clear on how to achieve them.

If any of the above statements apply to you, you may benefit from mentoring.

Mentoring can help you define your career goals and develop an action plan to reach your professional goals.
But, how does mentoring work exactly?

At FS Calderon Consulting you and your mentor commit to 1-3 hours per week (minimum 1 hour) of working together.
You will do a lot of talking and getting to know each other.
Together you will develop a plan with specific focus areas. There will be written “assignments”. This is critical in evaluating how you’re progressing and if you’re benefiting from the program.
Mentoring lasts a minimum of six months and longer.

If all this sounds worth a try, contact us today for a free consultation.

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