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  • Services (all FREE except where noted)

- LinkedIn overhaul;
- Resume building, editing;
(As well as cover letters and reference list)
- Professional mentoring for career advancement;

- Tutoring * (writing, computer skills, some college courses);
- Undergraduate and Graduate proofreading *

* Contact us for rates on these -all other services are free of charge.

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  • Testimonials:
"Fatima has been there every time I make a career change and need to update my resume and cover letters. She has helped me get hired!"
- Jessenia A.

"Fatima helped me get the most of my LinkedIn profile so I could get noticed and land my dream job, and make the right contacts for my career."
- Sarah A.

"Fatima helped me during both my post-graduate degrees. Without her help [proofreading term papers and essays] I seriously could not have passed!"
- Monica R.

"As a new student in the US, Fatima was instrumental in updating my resume and writing my college admissions essays. I was able to be admitted to a top college of my choice for my Masters degree."
- Laura S.

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